Carbon dioxide equipment

Ltd. Trading house “СaDi” was founded on the 19th of July, 2007 by team of professional specialists in the sphere of CO2.

We are focused on internal and external markets and successfully compete with the best analogues. Our company is able to satisfy any requirements of customers in the sphere of carbon dioxide equipment.

Carbon dioxide (carbonic acid gas, carbon dioxide gas, carbon oxide (IV), carbonic anhydride, carbonic acid) – CO2 is a colorless gas with slightly acid flavor. Density of carbon dioxide gas (1.98 kg/m³) is heavier than air, and carbon dioxide gas does not exist in the liquid state in conditions of standard atmosphere pressure, but turns into gas. In the solid state, carbonic acid is known as carbon dioxide ice. In the conditions of high pressure, carbon dioxide turns into liquid. See details of carbon dioxide

Physical and chemical properties of carbonic acid determine characteristics of carbon dioxide equipment produced by our company. The equipment produced includes CO2 storage reservoirs, tanks for CO2 transportation, CO2 gasifiers and heaters, stations of CO2 cylinders filling, CO2 overflow pumps, equipment for carbon-dioxide ice production, coolers, and other equipment as well as spare parts.