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About company

Welcome to our website! Trading house “СaDi” Ltd. (CaDi) is a leading manufacturer of carbon dioxide equipment!

Trading house “CaDi” Ltd. (Carbon Dioxid) is one of the leading manufacturers of carbon dioxide equipment (СО2) in Russia.

While purchasing carbon dioxide equipment from our company, you’ll obtain not only the product tested at many production sites but also further technical support.

The unique advantage of products manufactured by our company is the fact that we produce non-standard carbon dioxide equipment in accordance with the Customer’s request with high reliability of equipment, provision of warranty liabilities, technical consulting of the Customers, flexible approach (individual system of discounts, products delivery, changes in products completeness).

Carbon dioxide equipment produced by our company is continuously improved at the operating enterprises. We offer carbon dioxide equipment for small, medium, and large business.

Our company offers both new carbon dioxide equipment and equipment from the secondary market. This equipment has passed pre-sale preparation and expertise with prolongation of lifetime by 5:8 years. In some cases purchasing of equipment from the secondary market is more profitable because it has excellent technical condition (produced in 1990-1995s) and its cost is not more than 60% of the new one.

Carbon dioxide (carbonic acid gas, carbon dioxide gas, carbon oxide (IV), carbonic anhydride, carbonic acid) – CO2… » details
In industrially advanced countries, arc welding operations are not performed in the atmosphere of pure gases (especially carbonic acid gas). Multicomponent gas mixtures are used instead of them.

Details: Welding in shielding gas mixtures