Carbon dioxide equipment > СО2 electrical heaters (125…1000 kg/h)

СО2 electrical heaters (125…1000 kg/h)

Heater is designed for heating and maintaining of the constant temperature of process gas in front of consuming line (carbon dioxide gas, argon, or their mixture), coming after gasifier, insulated tank, or other gas source.

Heater consists of heating column and control unit. Gas heating occurs directly by means of electrical heaters excluding intermediate heat media. During heater operation, automatic actuation and shutdown of heating elements (tubular electric heating elements) occurs in accordance with signals from temperature sensor, maintaining temperature values at the necessary level.

High-precision maintenance of gas temperature at the heater outlet is performed by means of regulator actuating heating elements according to proportionally differential integral principle.

Column and tubular electric heating elements of heater are made of stainless steel (AISI 304 or analogue).

At the Customer’s option, pressure regulator may be additionally supplied.

Срок изготовленияTime of manufacture: from the storehouse, or 30 days Срок гарантииWarranty period: 12 months

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СО2 electrical heaters (125…1000 kg/h)СО2 electrical heaters (125…1000 kg/h)


Dimensional drawing

Dimensional drawing Dimensional drawing

Technical characteristic

Technical characteristic