Carbon dioxide equipment > Pump for cylinders filling with liquid СО2 (400 kg/h)

Pump for cylinders filling with liquid СО2 (400 kg/h)

Pump for cylinders filling with liquid СО2 (400 kg/h) is designed for:

  • control over weight of cylinders subjected to filling,
  • cylinders filling with liquid carbon dioxide (СO2) with weight batching,
  • filling of cylinders of fire-fighting systems and fire extinguishers,
  • filling of carbon dioxide bundles consisting of 6…12 cylinders with weight batching (weighting devices are supplied according to additional order).

The unit consists of three-plunger pump, control system, and electronic weighting unit. Equipment is produced ready-to-operate and does not require mounting works. Filling may be performed in the mode with manual or automatic shutdown of pump when cylinder being filled reaches the set value. The unit is equipped with control device allowing to control the charging process in automatic mode. When set value of cylinder fill weight is obtained, the station turns off automatically. Pump structure excludes oil entrance into cylinder being charged. Pump and pipeline system are equipped with protection against emergency excess of operating pressure of station during its operation or staying under pressure – carbon dioxide discharge through bursting diaphragm.

The pump is equipped with outlet hose with universal unit of connection to average-volume cylinders. Under order it is possible to produce unit with two outlet fittings and two weighting units to increase number of cylinders being charged per time unit by 15… 20%.

Under additional order, it is possible to supply necessary fittings for charging fire extinguishers and cylinders of other types as well as set of high-pressure metal hoses and necessary fittings for station connection to СО2 storage reservoir.

Срок изготовленияTime of manufacture: from the storehouse, or 30 days Срок гарантииWarranty period: 12 months

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Pump for cylinders filling with liquid СО2 (400 kg/h) Pump for cylinders filling with liquid СО2 (400 kg/h)


Dimensional drawing

Dimensional drawing

Technical characteristic

Technical characteristic