Carbon dioxide equipment > Spare parts for СО2 cylinders filling pump (700 kg/h)

Spare parts for СО2 cylinders filling pump (700 kg/h)

Carbon dioxide charging station SZU-800 is designed for:

  • control over weight of cylinders subjected to filling,
  • cylinders filling with liquid carbon dioxide (СO2) with weight batching,
  • filling of cylinders of fire-fighting systems and fire extinguishers with carbon dioxide.

SZU-800D execution consists of two outlet fittings and two weighting units allowing to increase number of cylinders being charged by 15…20%.

SPTA* set (is included into the supply scope of station SZU-800 (SZU-800D))

SPTA set

Pumping unit (designation for order – Hydraulic cylinder KD31.01.00.00) is a double-acting plunger pump, i. e. liquid carbon dioxide intaking and pressurization occurs in the opposite volumes of hydraulic cylinder per each stroke. Pressure and intake valves are of ball type. Sealing on rod and plunger – continuous O-rings made of composite materials (material F4K20 or analogue). The main parts of hydraulic cylinder flow section are made of stainless steel.

List of spare parts for hydraulic cylinder KD

List of spare parts for hydraulic cylinder KD

List of spare parts for hydraulic cylinder KD

The station is equipped with electronic weighting hopper; when the set value of cylinder filling weight is reached, the station pump shall turn off automatically. Designation for order – Weighting unit PVm- 3/150.

To coordinate operation of weighting unit and pump, the module for relay outputs coordination is installed at the station in electrical equipment box. The module allows direct control over starters and single-phase drives with capacity up to 400 VA controlling signals of platform weighting unit PVm. It does not require additional external elements and is included into circuit break of power supply load.

Designation for order – Module for relay outputs coordination.

Pumping unit and pipeline system of station are equipped with protection against emergency excess of operating pressure of station during its operation or staying under pressure – carbon dioxide discharge through safety bursting diaphragm (DN8 mm, Dop 8 mm, Dfull 13.9 mm, for necessary actuation pressure at Т= -20°…-35° С, MR type, material – nickel NP-2).

Designation for order of diaphragms for station SZU-800 (SZU-800D) – Bursting diaphragm MR.8, 90…110 kgf/cm2.

Outlet hose is designed for connection of charging station with cylinder being charged. It represents high-pressure hose with length of 1.5 m and universal charging device. In standard scope of supply, stations SZU-800 (SZU-800D) are equipped with charging devices of the 1st type. Under additional order – the 2nd type (clamp). Designation for order – Outlet hose with charging device of the 1st or 2nd type (clamp).

Outlet hose with charging device of the 1st or 2nd type (clamp)

Outlet hose with charging device of the 1st or 2nd type (clamp)

Pump driving is performed using worm gearbox (designation for order – worm gear motor AR22.1-02-000-200, 3.0 kW, 1500 rpm). It is used for conversion of drive shaft rotation into reciprocal movement of sliding bar.

List of spare parts for worm gearbox AR.22.1-02-000-200

List of spare parts for worm gearbox AR.22.1-02-000-200


Carbon dioxide charging station SZU-800 Hydraulic cylinder KD31.01.00.00 Module for relay outputs coordination Bursting diaphragm MR.8, 90...110 kgf/cm2 Outlet hose Outlet hose with charging device of the 1st or 2nd type (clamp) Outlet hose with charging device of the 1st or 2nd type (clamp)

Additional equipment for SZU-500 (500D) and SZU-800 (800D)

Metal hoses.

The station is additionally equipped with high-pressure hoses for station connection with stationary reservoirs or transport tanks. Standard set of hoses include: hose RVD DN10, PN105, L2000 with nuts on heads М30х2 and Тr70х4 and hose RVD DN20, PN180, L2000 with nuts on heads М18х1.5 and Тr70х4. While ordering non-standards hoses, the following information shall be mentioned in the order: diameter DN, pressure PN, length L and nut thread on heads.

Adapters for charging of fire extinguishers and cylinders with non-standard types of heads. For adaptors ordering, the Customer shall mention type and dimensions of connecting thread of fire extinguisher head.

Tilter for cylinders with volume of 40 L.

Stationary cylinder tilter OB-1s is designed for tilting (rollover) of cylinders with carbon dioxide into working position while using jointly with charging stations for filling of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers with small volume OU-1…OU-10. Stationary cylinder tilter OB-1s allows easy reload of cylinder from transport trolley, quick fixation and transfer into working position with minimum physical efforts. Designation for order – Tilter for cylinders OB-1s.

Attachable ramp for weighting unit (for cylinders rolling). In standard execution, the carbon dioxide charging station SZU-500 SZU-800 is supplied with platform weighting unit with height of 80…100 mm. This platform shall be embedded flush with floor level in filling station. If this variant is impossible, we suggest device for cylinder rolling on weighting platform of the station. Prism for cylinder (small volume from 1 to 10 L without support shoe) arrangement and charging on weighting unit is included into the scope of ramp supply as well. Designation for order – Attachable ramp for weighting unit PVm-3/150.

Bypass for fire extinguishers filling from 40-leter cylinder. Bypass is used as a part of charging stations at filling of fire extinguishers from cylinders with large volume or cylinder battery. In case of fire extinguishers filling from RDKh-type and TsZhU-type carbon dioxide reservoirs,  capacity of station is not used completely, but shall be decreased by means of bypass valve on the station control panel, after which excesses of carbon dioxide are returned through outlet “Gas” back to insulated reservoir. When fire extinguishers filling is performed from cylinder of large volume or cylinders battery, this possibility is missing. Installation of additional equipment of bypass connecting two inlets (Gas and Liquid) on SZU stations and allows to solve this problem.

Designation for order – Bypass for SZU-500 or SZU-800.

Bypass valve (an alternative to membrane MR.8). Valve is designed for pump and whole system protection against possible pressure drop in case of obstruction, shutdown, or other failure of the system. It is recommended to install them on carbon dioxide charging stations in pressure line after the pump.

Designation for order – Bypass valve UL 180/200Н.

Filter is used for liquid carbon dioxide cleaning from solid-state mechanical impurities, aerosol and condensed moisture, oil, and other impurities by mechanical method. Filter is to be installed at the inlet of charging station. Main technical characteristics of filter for liquid carbon dioxide cleaning are as follows:

  • Operating pressure: PN = 2.5 MPa;
  • Type of medium – liquid carbon dioxide;
  • Recommended operating environment temperature: -40°…-20° С;
  • Medium (gas) flow rate – not more than 3…5 m/s.
  • Cutoff filtration rating – 100 micron.
  • Rated filtering efficiency as per mechanical impurities – at least 99.0%;
  • Maximum operating pressure drop on filter – not above 0.2 MPa.

Designation for order – Filter FS-800.


Metal hoses Tilter for cylinders with volume of 40 L Bypass for fire extinguishers filling from 40-leter cylinder Bypass for SZU-500 or SZU-800 Bypass valve UL 180/200Н

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Additional services

Overhaul of hydraulic cylinder KD31.01.00.00 or analogous pumps of other manufacturers. Repair includes all necessary process operations, and the Customer will receive pump with operating technical characteristics and appearance of new pump. Repair possibilities and costs are determined after preparation of damage assessment acts on exchanger by our specialists.