Carbon dioxide equipment > Spare parts for СО2 overflow pump (10 t/h)

Spare parts for СО2 overflow pump (10 t/h)

Overflow station SPU10/50 is designed for liquid carbon dioxide overflow from one tank into another.

Gear-type pump is used as a pumping unit of station (designation for order – gear-type pump KD Two gears made of textolite or caprolon – driving gear and ring gear provides feeding of liquid carbon dioxide.

Sealing of pump inner cavities consists of rubber O-ring and end seal located on drive shaft. Sealing is performed along the contact surface (steel and fluorine-plastic).


Overflow station SPU10/50 Overflow station SPU10/50

SPTA set

SPTA set

Gear-type pump KD

Gear-type pump KD

List of spare parts for gear-type pump KD

List of spare parts for gear-type pump KD

Additional equipment

Metal hoses. The station is additionally equipped with bellows stainless metal hoses for connection with stationary reservoirs and transport tanks. Standard set of hoses include: two hoses DN32, P40, L2000 with nuts on heads М45х2 and Tr70х4 and one hose DN20, PN64, L3000 with nuts on heads Тr70х4. Designation for order of non-standard hoses: diameter DN, pressure PN, length L and type of heads.

End seal made of antifriction carbon material with increased wear resistance with addition of babbits. For repair of pump with installation of such type of seal, it is recommended to perform combined replacement of moving and fixed parts of end seal and mating general rubber goods (parts of pos. 13, 14, 16, 21, 22, 23, 24). Designation for order: Seal KD

Filter is used for liquid carbon dioxide cleaning from solid-state mechanical impurities, aerosol and condensed moisture, oil, and other impurities by mechanical method. Main technical characteristics of filter for liquid carbon dioxide cleaning are as follows:

  • Operating pressure: PN = 2.5 MPa;
  • Type of medium – liquid carbon dioxide;
  • Recommended operating environment temperature: -40°…-20° С;
  • Medium (gas) flow rate – not more than 3…5 m/s.
  • Cutoff filtration rating – 100 micron.
  • Rated filtering efficiency as per mechanical impurities – at least 99.0%;
  • Maximum operating pressure drop on filter – not above 0.2 MPa.

Designation for order – Filter FS10/50

» Additional equipment and spare parts (PDF)

Additional services

Installation of reversing-type starter. Under order, it is possible to manufacture station of reversing type, when pump is able to pump liquid carbon dioxide in both directions (back and forth).

Designation for order: SPU10/50R.

Installation of TsZhU-type transport tank into tambour.

Mounting of station purchased from our company on the Customer’s tank is to be performed in the territory of our enterprise. Designation for order: SPU10/50T.

Overhaul of gear-type pump KD or analogous gear-type pumps of other manufacturers. Repair includes all necessary process operations, and the Customer will receive pump with operating technical characteristics and appearance of new pump. Repair possibilities and costs are determined after preparation of damage assessment acts on exchanger by our specialists.


List of spare parts for gear-type pump KD List of spare parts for gear-type pump KD List of spare parts for gear-type pump KD List of spare parts for gear-type pump KD List of spare parts for gear-type pump KD