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Spare parts and services

Spare parts


Ltd. “CaDi” performs the complete complex of works to provide the Customer with possibility of cooperation with only one contracting organization. This approach excludes all kinds of technical errors and discrepancies during commissioning at the work final stages between design developments and mounting of carbon dioxide and cryogenic equipment.

At that, from the very beginning all works are performed and agreed in close contact with Rostechnadzor specialists supervising the enterprise.

Ltd. “CaDi” performs the following kinds of works:

  • Designing of carbon dioxide and cryogenic gas stations and workshops,
  • Organization of industrial safety expert examination of design works performed both in Samara region and any region in the Russian Federation,
  • Completing of process carbon dioxide and cryogenic equipment with necessary mounting kit being prepared upon the results of designing works,
  • Installation supervision and commissioning activities for carbon dioxide and cryogenic equipment supplied,
  • The Customer’s technical maintenance personnel training at the supplied carbon dioxide and cryogenic equipment,
  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of carbon dioxide and cryogenic equipment.


Designing works are the foundational stage for successful implementation of the whole complex. The most convenient variation for the Customer is production of carbon dioxide equipment and complexes on turnkey basis.

To begin designing works, we are able to delegate technical specialists to the Customer’s enterprise. Jointly with the Customer’s representatives, technical specialists will prepare and agree technical specifications and determine necessary scope of complex carbon dioxide equipment ant its cost.

Term of technical specifications development and agreement is not more than 10 days.

Проект комплекса на стадии разработки Проект комплекса с использованием элементов трехмерного моделирования

Initial data on preparation of technical specifications for carbon dioxide station designing are as follows:

  • Layout schematic (or master layout) of the enterprise, topographical survey with indication of supposed place of СО2 station location.
  • Skimming of carbon dioxide station and arrangement of carbon dioxide equipment (СО2).
  • Geological engineering surveys of carbon dioxide station place of location or letter from the Customer with soil description.
  • Necessary parameters of carbon dioxide gas at the inlet of the Consumer’s process equipment (pressure and temperature).
  • Technical specifications on connection of electricity and ventilation.

Standard design of carbon dioxide station includes the following sections:

  • Technical specifications and initial data (ID),
  • General explanatory note (GEN),
  • Production technique (PT),
  • Architectural and civil solutions (AC),
  • Ventilation and heating (HV),
  • Electrics and instrumentation and controls (EM),
  • Environment protection (EP),
  • Estimate documentation in FER 2000 or in TER of Samara (SM)

These sections may be executed both jointly and separately, if the Customer is able to perform some of them independently.

Designing works are performed using advanced software which 3D elements allow maximum consideration of the Customer’s requirements for equipment arrangement and real modeling of carbon dioxide complex being designed.

Term of the design execution (depending on complexity) is from 30 to 90 days.

Design documentation is to be submitted in paper form (3 originals) and on electronic media.

Expert examination

After preparation and coordination with the Customer, the design is to be submitted for expert examination of industrial safety to the expert organization of Samara or expert company of the Customer’s enterprise region (as agreed with the Customer and Directorate for Technological and Ecological Supervision of Rostechnadzor where hazardous facility will be located).

Expert organization studies the design within 30 days and issues remarks. After their elimination, the positive expert opinion will be issued in paper form and on electronic media.

After opinion issuance, the opinion shall be registered by the Customer’s representatives within 30 days in local Directorate for Technological and Ecological Supervision of Rostechnadzor.

Complete set

During designing works, only equipment with quality certificate and permit for use issued by Rostechnadzor is included in the scope of processing carbon dioxide and cryogenic equipment.

Carbon dioxide and cryogenic stations are provided with thoroughly tested serial equipment only.

At the Customer’s option, stations may be provided with equipment from the secondary market. Previously used tanks and vessels pass reclamation works, requalification (if necessary), and pre-sale preparation.

Installation supervision and commissioning

Монтаж установки

Installation supervision is performed by our specialist. Under the guidance of our specialist, the representatives of your local mounting company execute works in strict compliance with developed design and in terms specified by the contract.

Sequence of mounting works is to be agreed with the Customer during Work execution plan (WEP) preparation.

Монтаж установки

When mounting works are completed, commissioning will be performed. During commissioning, necessary control measurements and checks of carbon dioxide equipment are executed in compliance with requirements of manufacturers; intermediate accompanying mounting acts are prepared as well.

These works bring the whole carbon dioxide and cryogenic equipment and complex to the operating mode.

When works are completed, training of the Customer’s specialists is to be performed.



After commissioning, our specialists perform training on operation of carbon dioxide and cryogenic equipment included into the complex. Training is performed directly at the workplaces using installed carbon dioxide equipment both in operating and emergency modes. Based on the results, corresponding protocols are prepared.

Term of training is 2:3 days.

Warranty and post-warranty maintenance

Warranty of 12 months is provided from the moment of Ltd. “CaDi” carbon dioxide equipment shipment to the Customer’s representative.

If the contract is concluded for the whole complex of works – from designing to mounting – the warranty period for the whole complex will be up to 18 months.

When the warranty period expires, Ltd. “CaDi” offers to conclude the contract on post-warranty maintenance of carbon dioxide equipment.

Cylinders charging with carbon dioxide

We suggest services on filling the cylinders of various volumes with carbon dioxide (СО2).

For enquiries, call: +7 (846) 972-43-81, +7 (846) 225-43-81 (Natalia).